Problem with Xorg on VIA Epia-CN
This is a short guide made to solve an Xorg-related problem: I couldn't use a 1680x1050 resolution on my pc (VIA Epia-CN and GeForce FX 5200) and these are the steps necessary to make it working on Mandriva Linux 2009.1.
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Electrical engineering summaries
I know, I know, it's a long time that I don't upload anything, but today I have added a new file in the "Files & Docs" section. We are dealing with my summaries of the electrical engineering course. You can consider them like a verbose formulary or like terse notes. Anyway the main purpose was to write a document ideal to consult while solving exercises to study for the final exam. The document is in Italian only.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to everybody!
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Literature summaries
Afterward the summaries of history, here are the literature's ones. Also in this instance I have summarized three chapters, all taken from the book "La scrittura e l'interpretazione - Edizione Gialla Modulare - Volume 3" by R. Luperini, P. Cataldi, L. Marchiani, F. Marchese and R. Donnarumma (G.B. Palumbo editore). They are about three different italian writers:
  • Giovanni Pascoli
  • Gabriele d'Annunzio
  • Italo Svevo
All these files are in Italian only.
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History summaries
After one year from the writing, I upload the summaries prepared for the A-level; the documents are relative to three chapters of the book "Storia e ricerca - Volume 3: Il Novecento" by Carlo Cartiglia (Loescher editore):
  • chapter 5: La prima guerra mondiale
  • chapter 11: Il nazismo
  • chapter 12: Lo stato totalitario sovietico da Lenin a Stalin
All these files are in Italian only.
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eMule previews on GNU/Linux
Two years ago I had a problem: download files with eMule in a dual-boot environment. At that time I used Windows much more than today and I wanted to continue my downloads also under GNU/Linux. To do this I have executed the installer under Windows and GNU/Linux (using Wine) to be able to launch the program in both the operating systems. Everything was working well except for files' previews under GNU/Linux. To solve this I have written a shell script which makes me possible to run a player passing the correct path of the file (it is different on Windows and on GNU/Linux) as a parameter.

The script in the "Files & Docs" section is called "eMule-preview-xx.tar.bz2" where "xx" is the version number. The installation instruction and the changelog are included in the archive.
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High school thesis
The documents that I publish today are really important, not only because they make me passed the oral examination for the A-level, but also because they talk about the creation of this website. The thesis concerns technical aspects such as server-side (PHP) and client-side (JavaScript) programming, databases and the conservation of variables' values between dynamic pages. For this reason I take for granted theorical basic knowledge of PHP programming, (X)HTML and databases.

In the "Files & Docs" section you can find two OpenDocument files, the out-and-out thesis (.odt) and the presentation shown during the oral exam (.odp) (both files are in Italian only).
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Four new tutorials for OpenCity
On OpenCity's official website, there are four new tutorials that guide you into the first steps of the game. They teach you how to use the "toolcircle", create your first city, power it and use the GUI (status bar and main menu). To be more precise, they are not new because they have been pubished some time ago but today the project admin has uploaded my italian translation which takes the place of Google Translator's one.

The links are reported below:
Passo 1 - toolcircle
Passo 2 - energia
Passo 3 - barra di stato
Passo 4 - menù principale
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Website on analytic geometry
With the attached file, I open the new container "didactics" which will house the school equipment produced during high-school and, in the future, also university.
The archive contains a small website on analytic geometry written three years ago (2/24/2006) which includes theorical formulas and some exercises. This was my first contact with XHTML and it is available under a Creative Commons licence.
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GTA IV - Bugs and Workarounds
The first new content has arrived. In this document (click on the Download button below) I will show you some bugs and how to fix them. Enjoy the read!
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2.0 IS HERE !!!
I am very happy to announce that the new version of my website is available. I spent much time working on it because it has been completely rewritten using new (for me) technologies such as PHP and MySQL and I don't believe that it is finally finished.
Anyway this is not a completed version and I have much ideas to improve it. Consider it a starting point.

What's new?
I made lots of changes, the first of them is this "News" section where I will post information about the projects I am working on. There are also the new "Projects" section and a revisited content section called "Files & Docs". For the full changelog see History > 2.0.

At present, there are no new contents, however some new are almost ready (but I won't tell in advance anything). Stay tuned!

Ideas for future
I have postponed some features and fixes to release a working version this winter. In the future I am going to create a tagging system for both "News" and "Files & Docs" sections, an improved download page, a new graphics and other stuff. Anyway the main thing I should solve is lack of contents... I hope that the version 2.1 will be ready next year.
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